Who We Are

We, the members of Grace Lutheran Church are a family. The scriptures (Galatians 6:10) speak of us as being part of “the household of faith”. As a family, we have precious ties and relationships with each other: We share a common neighborhood – a lovely community located on the shore of the jewel of Lake Michigan! – we share a common background and nationality, common hobbies and recreational pursuits. The most precious bond which unites us, however, is in our common Redeemer and Lord Jesus Christ and in Him, the hope of eternal life. For over 60 years, our primary goal as a congregation has been to advance the message of the cross and resurrection of Christ.

Together, as blood-bought souls of Christ, we offer…

  • a lovely worship in order to gather around God’s Word and Sacrament;
  • opportunities to study the Word and grow in faith;
  • opportunities to reach out in service, in the name of Jesus, to those within the church family and outside our fellowship.

We want everyone to experience these blessings with us.