FREE Outreach Resources at your fingertips!

Lutheran Hour Ministries offers equipping resources to help you reach out with the love and Good News of Jesus Christ in your everyday lives. These online courses and webinars will cover five faith-strengthening categories and use an array of multimedia elements to help you gain a hearing for the Gospel message. Individual, self-paced learning Time […]

WHI-1256 | The Ministry & Marks of the Church – Out of the Horse’s Mouth

Listen to the White Horse Inn guests discuss finding a church.  An excerpt of the discussion follows: Finding a church is often compared these days to shopping. That should not surprise us. Many churches, today, market themselves to a particular niche demographic. It’s all about branding. People who shop at Restoration Hardware aren’t the same […]

Lutheran Hour Ministries Bible Studies Now Mobile and Lean Back Compatible

On January 22, Lutheran Hour Ministries’ (LHM) Men’s Network announced that their Bible studies are Android, iPad, and Lean-Back compatible*.  This means you have the ability to view, share, and post (e.g. Google+, Facebook, email Twitter, Pinterest, etc. ) the Bible study videos wherever and whenever you have your iPad or other Android device. They […]

Learning Resources

Under the resources pull-down menu, you’ll find links to the following learning resources such as Bible 101, Men’s Network, Stuff They Didn’t Teach Me in Sunday School, Woman to Woman, JCPlayZone, and more.   When you have time, take a look at these resources. To access the resources, click on the Resources pull-down menu