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What’s With The Empty Tomb?

Lutheran Hour Ministries – EASTER: AN EMPTY TOMB

One LSB Hymn a Week

A video each week on YouTube-chorale preludes followed by the respective hymn from the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod’s hymnal Lutheran Service Book. Mark Peters, Kantor of the Traverse Bay Circuit and church musician at Immanuel Lutheran, Leland, MI is the featured organist.

What is Holy Week?

Discover the sights, sounds, and symbols of Holy Week. Christians all over the world celebrate Easter and their new life in Jesus—but what about the week leading up to Easter? What is Holy Week?

We invite you to worship with us. See our contact page for directions.


What is Lent?

Lent is a solemn season set apart to contrast with Easter Sunday, when our alleluias return, loud and clear, in celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. We pray that this video will help you meditate on the suffering and death that Christ endured in our place.