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Hurricane Harvey | Support Relief and Mercy Efforts

LCMS_HarveyVisit the Synod’s Harvey webpage regularly to get the latest news on LCMS efforts to help and to access useful resources.

CELEBRATION OF THE REFORMATION | The 500th Anniversary Worship Service

The Michigan District has scheduled a Reformation Worship service at the Breslin Center in Lansing October 15, 2017. The Circuit is looking into charting a bus for this event. Because this is a Sunday many of the Pastors of the Circuit will not be able to go, however I know it will be a great experience for everyone who attends.  You can find more information on the district’s website.

WHI-1256 | The Ministry & Marks of the Church – Out of the Horse’s Mouth

Listen to the White Horse Inn guests discuss finding a church.  An excerpt of the discussion follows:

Finding a church is often compared these days to shopping. That should not surprise us. Many churches, today, market themselves to a particular niche demographic. It’s all about branding. People who shop at Restoration Hardware aren’t the same folks who shop regularly at Walmart.

WHI-1256 | The Ministry & Marks of the Church – Out of the Horse’s Mouth.

One LSB Hymn a Week

A video each week on YouTube-chorale preludes followed by the respective hymn from the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod’s hymnal Lutheran Service Book. Mark Peters, Kantor of the Traverse Bay Circuit and church musician at Immanuel Lutheran, Leland, MI is the featured organist.

What is Holy Week?

Discover the sights, sounds, and symbols of Holy Week. Christians all over the world celebrate Easter and their new life in Jesus—but what about the week leading up to Easter? What is Holy Week?

We invite you to worship with us. See our contact page for directions.


What is Lent?

Lent is a solemn season set apart to contrast with Easter Sunday, when our alleluias return, loud and clear, in celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. We pray that this video will help you meditate on the suffering and death that Christ endured in our place.

Picnic @ Pastor’s House

Good friends!

Good friends!

Relaxing after a fine meal

Relaxing after a fine meal!

Lutheran Hour Ministries Bible Studies Now Mobile and Lean Back Compatible

On January 22, Lutheran Hour Ministries’ (LHM) Men’s Network announced that their Bible studies are Android, iPad, and Lean-Back compatible*.  This means you have the ability to view, share, and post (e.g. Google+, Facebook, email Twitter, Pinterest, etc. ) the Bible study videos wherever and whenever you have your iPad or other Android device.

They created a channel for their videos on Vimeo.   You can also use a Roku or similar device to watch the videos on your t.v. for a “lean-back” experience.  Above is an example of what you can find at the LHM Vimeo site.  They also have study materials available for free download from their LHM Men’s Network site.

This is a great resource provided free from LHM.  Please take a minute to check it out and if you are able consider donating to this ministry.

*Note: I added “Lean Back compatible to LHM’s description.  Not only can you use Vimeo to stream to a Roku Box, but they also have mobile apps available at  the Google Play StoreiTunes, etc.

Elk Rapids Education Day at Elk Rapids Schools | February 2, 2013

The Elk Rapids Schools International Travel Club* is hosting an Education Day on February 2nd.  Their offerings can be seen by clicking on the image below.  See their pdf for more details.

ER Education Day Line Up

*About the International Travel Club (copied from their pdf downloaded from Deanna Sayer’s website)….

So what is this club you are supporting by participating in the Elk Rapids Education Day? This is a new club formed by high school teacher, Deanna Sayer, to give local students an educational opportunity to travel and learn about cultures first hand. Eleven students will be traveling to China on March 16th for 14 days, with an intensive study of Mandarin. Our everyday lives are intertwined with Chinese influence, yet we know so little about their culture. This trip will give our youth insight, generate interest, and create global thinkers closing cultural gaps and building international relationships!
Thank you for supporting our education, while strengthening yours.
The International Travel Club

Spring Clean Up | Saturday, May 5 @ 10 a.m.

The Trustees and Mary-Martha organizations need many hands to help clean up winter debris, wash windows (inside and outside the church), and clean the fellowship hall and the church.

For outside work  bring: rakes, brooms, and trimmers.

For inside work bring: rags, window washing materials.

Barbecue at 12:00 noon

Mary-Martha will provide hot dogs, brats, potato salad, chips, drinks, and dessert.

If you are unable to help with the Spring clean up, come to the barbecue anyway.  We could use some help cooking, setting out the food, and eating it.

See the sign-up sheets in the fellowship hall.