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Times arise in the lives of God’s people which have special meaning in relationship to the church. We encourage you to make use of the services of our congregation at times of both joy and sorrow.


Please notify the church office at the time of a birth so that the congregation will have the opportunity to rejoice with you and offer a prayer of thanksgiving to God on this special occasion.

Because baptism is important as a means by which God establishes His covenant even with infants, please arrange for the baptism of babies very soon following birth.

Parents are responsible to train the child in the meaning of the baptismal covenant. Baptism must be joined together with Christian education and worship.

Sponsors should be active members of the Lutheran Church. Other Christians may be witnesses to the baptism or may stand in for sponsors who are unable to be present.


Please notify the church office well in advance of your intended wedding sate. The pastor will want to meet with the engaged couple several times prior to the wedding in order to discuss basic pillars of a successful marriage and to discuss plans for the service.

All music must be approved by the pastor. Couples are reminded that the marriage service is basically a service of worship in which we both praise God for His gifts and seek God’s guidance for our lives.


When moving within our area please notify the church office to insure that you receive the church mail. If you are moving from our area, please contact the church office to receive information on Lutheran churches in the area to which you are moving. You should transfer your membership as soon as you have moved in to the new area and found a new church home.


Please notify the pastor at times of serious illness, especially of hospitalization. Even if you think that you are to be in the hospital for only a few days for tests, we would appreciate knowing that. Most hospitals will not release the names of patients due to privacy concerns, so Pastor will not be able to learn from the hospital that you are there.

If you are going to be hospitalized in another city, the pastor will make arrangements for pastoral care if he cannot be there to see you. Most hospitals do not notify the church when members are hospitalized.

If you would like to have communion prior to surgery or at some other time during hospitalization and illness, please call the church or the pastor. You are invited to request the prayers of the congregation for yourself and other loved ones who are ill, hospitalized, or in special need.


Sometimes people are confined to their homes for long periods of time because of illness or injury and are unable to attend worship services.

If this is your situation, Pastor will come to your home to minister to you during that time. Normally monthly calls are made to shut-in people to give private Communion. Other calls are made as people indicate, desire, and need.


So that you can be ministered to and so the congregation can support you with their prayers, please notify the pastor when critical illness or death occurs. When you are making funeral arrangements for members of the congregation, please consider the church as a place for the celebration of the resurrection of our Lord and the hope of the life everlasting for those who die in faith in Christ.


At all important events in your life, whether times of joy and celebration or sorrow and crisis, we invite you to request the prayers of the congregation.

Your brothers and sisters in Christ will then have the opportunity to rejoice with you at happy times and to weep with you in your sorrow. We can carry you needs of your praise together before the throne of God in our worship and remember you in our private prayers. You can have your prayers and petitions placed on the prayer chain by calling the church office.


Worship for Shut-In’s

Lutheran Ministries Media, Inc. is providing worship services on DIRECTV and on the internet for those who may be home bound or sick. The service is at 11:30 a.m. Sundays on Channel 377 and anytime on the internet at and clicking “Online Worship”.


God’s Blessing in the New Year

May God bless you as we enter another new year. We ask His presence to guide us through the unknown days ahead. May He give us His strength to deal with problems that we may encounter. May He keep us in His grace and give us His peace. Happy New year!



Blessed Reformation Day

Blessed Reformation Day

Posted on October 29, 2010 by glcpastor

Dear members and Friends:

As we prepare to celebrate the Reformation, it is important to thank God for all that He has done through Dr. Martin Luther and others. “By grace alone, By faith alone, By Scripture alone.” It is through these means that God brings us to faith and gives us all His blessings. Continue to celebrate God’s gifts this Reformation Day.

In Christ, I am,

Pastor James Redmann