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Elk Rapids Education Day at Elk Rapids Schools | February 2, 2013

The Elk Rapids Schools International Travel Club* is hosting an Education Day on February 2nd.  Their offerings can be seen by clicking on the image below.  See their pdf for more details.

ER Education Day Line Up

*About the International Travel Club (copied from their pdf downloaded from Deanna Sayer’s website)….

So what is this club you are supporting by participating in the Elk Rapids Education Day? This is a new club formed by high school teacher, Deanna Sayer, to give local students an educational opportunity to travel and learn about cultures first hand. Eleven students will be traveling to China on March 16th for 14 days, with an intensive study of Mandarin. Our everyday lives are intertwined with Chinese influence, yet we know so little about their culture. This trip will give our youth insight, generate interest, and create global thinkers closing cultural gaps and building international relationships!
Thank you for supporting our education, while strengthening yours.
The International Travel Club

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